Who are we?

Since 1996, the principals of Meta Matrix Groupe have been involved in bringing Products and Customers   together.

Meta Matrix Groupe understands the challenging dynamics of bringing cutting-edge technology to the mainstream marketplace. We were there to assist new companies with their disruptive technology as the Internet unfolded, and we now stand ready to help the innovators grow the Metaverse communities.

The introduction of Metaverse technology will result in a major change in the way we perceive, engage and react to to the real world. The Metaverse (defined as interconnected virtual realities) is not yet fully deployed, but is building daily. We can provide the Business Model Validation and Value Positioning for Innovative start-ups to resonate their business model with their target markets.

Moving from the "early adopter" stage into the mainstream market is the point where most technology companies fail.

The customers, the market, the message, the approach, and the value propositions all differ from the engineering and technology involved in early Product Development. Efforts need to be directed toward a “customer centric” approach to design and development, which is usually lacking in the hi-tech, specialized world.

We understand, and we will accelerate the time-to-market of

your product or service, and carefully match your value

proposition to the exact needs of your market. 

Studies show that using this approach leads to greater

product success.