Our Company

Meta Matrix Groupe fills in the “voids” that are present with the introduction of disruptive technology to the mass market. Via “Design Thinking”, we carefully match the value proposition to the market / customer needs.. 

The Problem

A few years ago, Geoffrey Moore wrote “Crossing the Chasm”, his famous book about the problems facing the Technology Industry when introducing  a new, paradigm shifting, disruptive technology to the marketplace. Moving from the early adopter customers into the mainstream market is the biggest challenge facing the technology companies today.

We saw this problem arise with the development of the Internet, and it is now necessary to address this issue with the Metaverse technology

Additionally, most technology innovations are developed via a “left brain” engineering, and a “product centric” mentality. The damage caused by this lack of empathy and focus toward the customers' true needs during development, are usually not realized until the product is launched. Unfortunately, that is usually too late.

The Solution

This critical position on the Technology Adoption Life Cycle is where Meta Matrix Groupe focuses. Whether involving physical product design, business model evaluation, product/market validation, value proposition, packaging, or proper market positioning and customer integration, we can help to insure your successful product launch and profitable life cycle.