MetaMatrix Groupe team members offer diversified skills and experience that complement each other and provide a wide range of value services.

Joanne Gregory - Strategic Communications Specialist / Co-Founder

Chuck Scifers - Biz Development-Design Thinker / Co-Founder

Chuck Scifers has spent the past 20 years involved in bringing products to market. He has been involved in disciplines ranging from market analysis, product design and development, engineering, channel marketing, product positioning, and business development. Chuck has successfully enabled start-up companies to take their products and services to mainstream consumers and to ultimately complete an IPO or to be acquired. He has varied experience in the sectors of wireless technology, storage, networks, co-location, renewable energy, passive solar home design, and consumer product design. Chuck has a graduate degree in Industrial Design and Engineering from the University of Washington, with additional studies conducted at Stanford, Darden and Cal State University Fresno.

Other Team Members

MetaMatrix Groupe maintains a cadre of independent professionals that are retained on an as-needed basis to provide additional, necessary expertise. This endeavor insures the client that his complete "whole-product" solution is developed in the most cost-effective manner.

Joanne brings with her over 32 years of educational work with the English language, as well as consumer economics, child development, nutrition, and cultural diversity. She also has extensive experience with clothing and home and interior design. Her range of experience includes copyediting for Bay Area publishing houses and Silicon Valley technical start-up companies.

Joanne received her BA degree and California Secondary Teaching Credential from California State Universities. She has also completed extensive work toward a Master’s Degree in Pupil Personnel.

In a world that has limited use or understanding of the English language, Joanne’s creative ability to deliver the message succinctly and with style has produced satisfied clients.